Thursday, September 6, 2007

To new beginnings in Caledon

Oh, blessed shore! I feared the weeklong steamliner voyage to Caledon would never end.

Of course, I blame my friend Zenmondo Wormser for inspiring me to take the voyage. Our long distance epistollary conversations have gone on for many years now. We share a few rare interests and a certain eccentricity that is difficult to define precisely. When I was concerned he might be drifting away from himself, he began telling stories to the effect that he had found himself anew... in Caledon. Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued by his vivid descriptions.

My husband wishes me well on my 'Hello Kitty Island Adventure' - whatever that means! I've seen several islands on Caledon, but few felines of the natural variety. Anyway, Sir is perpetually away on his deranged safaris, often to defeat giant ogres or banish ghosts or hunt demons down. I followed him about for a spell, but I fear I'm ultimately unfit for such consistent madness. Where is Rationality and Sensibility, I ask you?

Apparently, it has been hiding in Caledon! Adventures certainly seem to occur here, but not as a matter of daily recourse. People are eminently sensible and polite, not to mention forward thinking. So I have applied for basic Caledonian citizenship by contacting Guvnah Desmond Shang. Sir Excalibur Longstaff has already granted me access to the local off-hours communion hall. My, but it seems there are a thousand introductions in order yet.

Though I would like to be more sociable, I fear my spare time will be quite limited. There is much to see yet, and my introverted nature renders me easily overwhelmed. I also have matters of my prior homestead to wrap up before I will be free to pursue my whimsy.

I truly have no idea whether my stay at Caledon will be brief or lengthy, nor whether my husband would approve of me creating a permanent homestead here. If I am sufficiently inclined, I shall insist upon Sir's sufferance. It's ultimately my home to keep, after all. But it is a matter of learning whether my interest in Caledon is fleeting or seeming eternal. For that, only time will tell.

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