Monday, April 6, 2009

Small Art Gallery [OOC]

After years of random doodling on rare occasion, I took up drawing on the subway to and from work. It's an inexpensive and soothing hobby and something I've come to enjoy a great deal. Since a few of these are broadly reminiscent (and in a few cases plain flat in the genre of) steampunk, I figured I should link to them here.

Stacey Leggieri's Small Art Gallery

A few people received emails inviting them to take an early look. Now I'm sending it out to a wider friend's list. Since any new folks to the party won't have any context to start with, I'll just say that most of these images are small enough to slip into my purse pocket when I leave the train. No materials rise beyond the level of bog standard office or school supplies.

The page is set up to allow for comments on category pages, individual images, or whole diatribes if desired on an extra comments page. However, Google Sites won't allow for purely anonymous comments. And maybe that's a good thing, since I'm not exactly looking to open a gallery show at this time. If you would like to engage with public comments or indulge in private ones, reply to this post with your email address or try me.

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